Friday, November 28, 2008

Pickupzone launched: Never miss a package again

Hooman Hodjat from the TiE Leadership Program 2008 just launched his company, Pickupzone. Its a very interesting idea for someone who is rarely home, and needs to make sure people get their packages quickly. The idea has been tried in slightly different variants in Europe, so its interesting to see how this will work in Cambridge/Boston.

Here's how it works (from

Just follow our FIND, SHIP, PICKUP process.

FIND – Select a convenient pickup point in your neighborhood – a local retail PickupZone partner like a hardware store, convenience store or dry cleaner.

SHIP – Following a free registration you will receive a customized shipping address with a unique identifier (this is how we notify you when your packages arrive). Use the pickup point address when shopping online, getting packages from friends and family or for your business needs.

PICKUP – We notify you via email once your package arrives. Just present your confirmation code to the local pickup point merchant and pickup your package at your convenience within 10 days.

It’s fast and easy and best of all - you'll never miss a package again! See our FAQ for additional info and start shipping!

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