Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maldives: Will it last another 100 years ?

Maldives has always been the exotic destination for Indian honeymooners and Bollywood movie song scenes. Over the last 10 years its also become one of the world's most sought after tourist destinations with 600,000 visitors.

Unfortunately it may dissapear. Most Maldives islands are 3 feet above water. As our ice shelf melts, the water table gets raised, and salt waters wash over these pristine islands, making life unlivable.

The current President of Maldives is so worried that he's setting up a soveriegn fund to buy land in case much of the islands dissapear by 2100 AD as expected.

Global warming is a reality and unfortunately as the earth warms up and the permafrost melts, unleashing trapped methane and CO2 this process will simply accelerate, breaking off ice shelfs like the massive recent one that suddenly broke away.

Is it only a matter of time ? Will Maldives replace polar bears as the poster-case of global warming ?

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