Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Corporate VC: New Kids on the Block - Google and Merck (Germany)

Two new VC firms are starting to make some waves. The news on Google Ventures isn't new, but with a new hire on the East Coast, they're back in the news. It would be interesting to see what Google invests in, but I am scratching my head as to why they would invest in the biotech industry. Its not like investing in lifesciences (outside of Healthcare IT) will teach them anything.

Merck of Germany is looking to enter the venture business with a new fund - Merck Serono Ventures. This firm is not to be confused with Merck Capital Ventures, which created a fund in 2000 to invest in tools and technologies outside, but not therapeutics. But Merck decided not to stay in the venture business. Instead, the Merck team is now raising a new fund at Pharma Capital Ventures after reportedly delivering top quartile returns at Merck.

Click here for Google Ventures
Click here for Merck Serono Ventures\

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