Monday, August 25, 2008

NETIP Annual Conference 2008

NETIP is having its annual conference from August 29-31. It will be a gathering of 1000 south asians in Boston. I've never attended this event before, but it promises to be exciting. I am moderating a healthcare panel. Its a very well organized event, and meeting young ambitious people is always an energy booster. Here are the fun highlights of this conference.

Friday night

Born into brothels: Kids with cameras exhibition
Dinner party
More partying at Roxy


Boston Bhangra workout
Laughing Club
Desh Deshpande Keynote
South Asians in the Media & Entertainment
Creating Social Impact through Entrepreneurship
Tarun Khanna Keynote (HBS Prof. talks about India v China)
Dream: A South Asian President ?
Speed dating
Dinner Cruise on the Odyssey
More partying at Felt


South Asian documentaries screening
Marrying Anita: Book reading by author
Vikram Akula Keynote (Microfinance company founder)
Emergence of Indian Sounds in World Music
American Born Confused Dating
Acting: Be the next superstar
Stand-up comedy by Rajiv Satyal
Performance by Boston Bhangra
Performance by Burlington Taiko

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