Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Solar System

My son's six. Two week's ago, a kid's dad in his class took apart a laptop and showed the class what was inside. My son came home talking about mother-boards and batteries. Impressive !

We presented the Solar System to the kids this week (my wife's excellent idea), managing to hold the kids attentive for half an hour thanks to the Smithsonian model, some good photos, aliens, and some very bright and curious children!

I learnt a lot in the process. Neptune winds blow at 1000 miles an hour. The ice in Saturn's rings are what causes the pretty colors. The surface of Venus is lava. Fascinating stuff. I must admit its easier presenting to entrepreneurs, VCs and college kids - especially when your son is in the audience.

I'm sharing my presentation in case you want to use it. I've uploaded it here. We need to expose school-going kids to science and math at every opportunity. The text for the presentation is also provided.

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